To me, great designers are those who can start with a blank screen and create something eye-catchingly original. My first art director taught me that designers should create every piece of a campaign, from the overall look and feel to the specific images and fonts. “Create it all.” That was his edict, and I remember those words whenever I start a new design project.

Creating it all has helped me develop a unique style that I’ve put to effective use for iconic action sports brands. Design is a challenge, but whether developing the look and feel for Liquid Force Wakeboards or designing the Quiksilver wetsuits worn by eleven-time world champion Kelly Slater, or re-branding the iconic Marin Mountain Bikes it’s a challenge I’ve always been eager to meet.

I feel that design is an all-encompassing process, even in daily life. My influences come from the world around me. I have been fortunate enough to be able to travel extensively in the past few years, which has helped open my mind to new ideas and thoughts on what can be made possible. Visiting overseas production facilities helped me learn more about the technical aspects of product design and development. This experience made me more excited than ever to create it all. To stay fresh, I have challenged myself to design things far outside of my comfort zone. I have designed, created and launched a BMX  pop-up retail store, Archetype Bike Co.

Design challenges gladly accepted!